MantaPro v1.1

We just released a new version of MantaPro featuring some new features and improvements. This release focused on adding missing features and fixing broken ones. For example, a liquid material panel was missing in version 1.0 along with force field support. Also, auto animate texture offset was broken, requiring auto-run python scripts to be enabled.



  1. lock bake
  2. custom quick setup
  3. switch fluid type
  4. custom icons
  5. force fields
  6. liquid material panel
  7. eevee water
  8. eevee fire
  9. switch active (CTRL+SHIFT+C)
  10. automatic, auto operations


  1. auto animate texture offset non-driver
  2. scaling for custom particle objects
  3. preferences UI
  4. general UI improvements


  1. error when deleting for outliner
  2. default particle scaling is global instead of local
  3. set transparent needing active object
  4. flow texture color panel accessible without texture being enabled
  5. auto operations finds objects that are not in the current scene


Lock Bake

Prevent accidental deletions of a fluid cache. It becomes available when the cache type is modular or all/final.

Custom Quick Setup

A complete re-work of how the Quick Setup system works allowing for a user to save and share their own presets.

Switch Fluid Type

Change a flow or domain object from gas to liquid or vice versa with the click of a button.

Custom Icons

 The first implementation of custom icons for easier navigation and distinction (feedback welcome). 

Force Fields

The initial implementation of force fields allowing for always active force fields and all the settings in one place. This is the initial implementation and has not been specifically optimized or organized yet.

Liquid Material Panel

All the settings for the liquid material can now be tweaked without using the node or properties editor.

Eevee Water

Liquid materials can now be used in Eevee with a similar look to cycles (volume is not supported in Eevee).

Eevee Fire

Smoke and fire materials can now be used after optimizing Eevee using the Eevee Volumes dropdown (specifically the tile size).

Switch Active (CTRL+SHIFT+C)

Switch the active domain, flow, effector, and force field without scrolling all the way to the top of the panel.

Automatic, Auto Operations

No need to remember to turn auto operations on before starting a new project or simulation. Now auto operations get turned on automatically when using the add and make buttons (can be turned off in the preferences).


Auto Animate Texture Offset Non-Driver

Auto animater texture offset no longer requires “autorun python scripts” to be enabled.

Scaling For Custom Particle Objects

Custom particle objects can now be scaled using the particle scale slider.

Preferences UI

The addon preferences now have three categories: General, Defaults, and Key Binding.

General UI Improvements

General improvements to the UI that took place during development.

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